Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great giveaway over on Rosemary's blog...check it out!!!

Love how she used gesso....gotta try it sometime!!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally!!! Project Completed!!!

I posted about this slumber chair a while can read about it here.

It has undergone quite the transformation...this was a "I am teaching myself something new" kind of project. I have upholstered over upholstery but I have never stripped a girl down to her springs before!!! Thank you google for letting me search and find out how to tie the springs back together and re-attach to the frame, attach new webbing, cover with burlap, foam, and dacron...then cover with the fabric...
The frame had come apart at ALL of the joints...this was just the beginning of the re-gluing and strapping.. she is in her new dress!!! Very simple, kind of like a single strand of pearls, but classy at the same time.

I painted the frame in ASCP Old Ochre, sanded quite a bit and waxed with clear wax then came back and just highlighted with a little dark wax. 
 Then dressed her up in some oh so famous drop cloth that had been washed and dried and became really quite soft.
 The ottoman was done basically the same way.

The sweet little bird pillow is a Big Lots find...that place is definitely a hit and miss kind of store...It was a hit for the pillow and cute little bird under the cloche.

I have completed a few more projects...I will share those as I get good pics...still trying to figure out the photography/editing thing...that has been the hardest thing for me to understand so far!!


Friday, February 3, 2012

So Little Time

Since the New Year I have been project happy...There has been sooo many things I have wanted to do and realized no one else was going to do them for me :)....So I decided to get busy.
I took my drapes down in my dining room because I wanted to change up the look...I knew that going back with something pricey was out of the question since nothing was really wrong with what was hanging up there...(according to my manly man husband) :}
So, I got busy with my favorite drop cloth/burlap combo and here is what I came up with...
through a little trial and error...
I usually never have a by the seat of my pants kind of thing

 My friend, and fellow craft supply hoarder (her house is a glorified Michael's), was given some burlap rice bags...she brought me a few and said, " I want some bags made out of these". She gave me an idea of what she wanted but also said..."just do what you want"...
How fun is that?...I ended up making 5. Four of them are kind of like shopping bags and one was a messenger type bag. I did not get good pics of all of them but here is a sample.

Finally....we bought new furniture...
which has prompted a whole redo of the living/breakfast room since we have an open floor plan...
It always snowballs, right?
Our furniture in our living room was 18 years old...yes, 18...
Of course, the pillows on the couch were not going to work with the whole decorating I made new pillows for the couch...planning on new pillows for the chairs and also new to come soon!!!

One of my desires for this year is to be a better blogger...I would love to post/link up to parties more often. How do these girls do it?