Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gorgeous Belle Notte plus Bedroom

I posted about Miss Linda's home that I had done some sewing in over the past few years.
Here is the guest bedroom that I just loooove!
 She started with ordering her Bella Notte bedding for the bed. If you are not familiar with Bella Notte...let me tell is the softest, most comfortable, luxurious linen bedding you will ever find.
She received her samples that the bedding was being made out of and set out to find some coordinating fabric for the drapery treatments for behind the bed and the french doors...
She found a beautiful floral print, sheer and silk for the swag...When she got everything home she decided the silk would be a little too formal for her look...she ordered some more Bella Notte linen.
She found pictures of what she wanted everything to look like and handed it over to me.

The window behind the bed is only about 35 inches wide. We went ahead and extended the window treatment out to the corners of the bed to make everything look larger.
The sheers on the doors have ties at the top.  
We made a cord cover out of leftover linen to cover the cord of the swing arm lamp.
The colors in this room are much more gorgeous than these pictures show. The blue linen is a pale aqua and just the most gorgeous color.
The little table in the corner now sports a little aqua blue linen scarf with a ruffled edge...can't find the pic right now.
As I said before...Linda's home is just a relaxing, gorgeous home...wish all of you could take a tour!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Business of Beautiful

There happens to be nothing more fun than being able to make something beautiful for someone. Such is the case with Miss Linda. Linda has a FAB.U.LOUS. home. She has exceptional taste and I love everything she chooses to do in her home. I have had the honor to sew for her and here is our latest project for her bath. She had a cute valance already on this window but "just wanted a change"....gotta love that!!!
The pleated shade is silk and the top curtain is the combo of fabrics that she picked out.

A while back she brought me this antique chair. It is in fabulous condition but she was going a little different direction with the guest room. She decided to have me make a burlap slip cover with some cream linen accents. She had the precious pillows already that just finished the look.

I think about 3 or so years ago Linda was redoing her bedroom. She already had someone making the pillows and bedskirt. She told me her idea for a bedspread and drapes. Here was what we came up with. It looks just fabulous!!!

We stood in her bedroom and could not remember exactly what I sewed!!! We know I did the bedspread and we are almost sure I sewed the large bolster at the foot of the bed.
Her drapes were a true labor of love for my husband. He agreed to help me install and this almost killed him. He perfectly measured and hung each finial. The problem with Linda's house is that it is a steel frame house. So my sweet hubby never knew when he would hit a steel beam when he drilled into the wall...I owed him big time for that!
The very first job I did for Linda was her husbands study. We put valances on the doors...

...and this drape on the window...Linda's husband is a hunter...this past winter he went "black bear hunting" and wouldn't you know....Linda is getting a BIG black bear rug....She quickly stated that it will happily reside in her husbands office. :)
Can't wait to se that!!!

Before the bathroom, we did some drapes in a guest room....that is coming up next...
Love, love, love her house!!!