Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trash Treasure

My friend and fellow torture chick morning walking buddy told me one day as we were gasping for air during our early morning walk that she threw a frame out to the trash...I almost hyperventilated right there...what? a little dollar store frame?  "Oh no, a big frame that I pulled out of someone else trash, but I have been moving it around in my garage for a year and decided I would never do anything with it so I threw it out."

Just imagine a look of disbelief on the face of this junker...but worse than that, she is a great junker herself...so, what was she thinking?

She must have been just having a moment or something, I still do not know, but she quickly unzipped her little walking pouch, pulled out the ole phone and told her great husband to run to the street and get that frame before some other junker happened by...

At this point we did go ahead and have a talk about stuff and what is important and what is not and to always, not sometimes, but always call me first before ANYTHING went out with the trash.

So, here is my little trash treasure that I made with that frame...It had a frame inside the frame thingy that was broken so I just tapped that out with a hammer, slapped on a little paint, painted a board with chalkboard paint and hung that baby on the wall...

I got on Pinterest to look up some good sayings and came up with this for now.

I saw a great saying for Christmas time...

"If you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear"

Love it!!

Great day to you!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farmhouse Chic

 This "hoof box" (that is what the guy called it) was another find at Winnie Trade Days. It is heavy and was full of something :(  that was quite thick on the bottom...hmmm. Anywho...I washed it down in the backyard, scraped it with whatever I could find to scrape it with  and let it dry outside for a couple of days.

I have used it on my dining room table. I saw some coffee filter flowers in an antique shop in Nacogdoches and took a somewhat blurry picture of it with my phone and tried to recreate them here. They are pretty cute...a little time consuming considering you had to tea stain the filters and let them dry then figure out how to assemble them, but pretty cute. I added a platter I had in my buffet, some candles, a tea towel, and  ivory handled silverware in spooner. I like the look...I also made the burlap and drop cloth runner...I am loving the drop cloth craze...next I will show you my chairs with slips on the backs...
Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feel Like I'm Coming Home

I have been away from the blogging world for a while...well, let me re-phrase that...I have not been blogging but certainly have kept up with my favorite bloggers...
Thought it was time to get back in the saddle...so here is the first of hopefully many posts to come...

I made a tray recently. I had been missing my junking jaunts since leaving The Old Oak Cottage as part owner. So, I called up my sis and niece and asked if they would like to meet me one Saturday at Winnie Trade Days here in Southeast Texas. I think it was July...yes...what was I thinking?...We have had the worst heatwave and drought here since I don't know when and we went junking out in the 106* weather. We had THE.  BEST. TIME!!!

I found this frame for 5 bucks...threw it on my arm immediately and kept shopping.
It sat in my garage until a couple of weeks ago and here it is today.

I used my ASCP in Duck Egg, dry brushed some Old White over the top, then rubbed on some dark wax.

I found this graphic from The Graphics Fairy and through much trial and error enlarged it on my printer...I transferred the image using graph paper then sat back and said..."Are you kidding me? My hand will never be steady enough to paint that!"
So I cheated and used a Sharpie..I am ok with that!!!I love the way it turned out. Oh, yeah, I first painted the board ASCP Old White then after I was finished with the Sharpie I distressed the whole board and added some dark wax.
The glass...Hobby Lobby (with the 40% off coupon, of course)
I would like to find some really cool handles...but I am not willing to settle, so I will just keep searching. 

This sits in my Dining Room which is being transformed...I am moving away from the cottage look into the farmhouse chic style...stay tuned...more to come. :)