Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trash Treasure

My friend and fellow torture chick morning walking buddy told me one day as we were gasping for air during our early morning walk that she threw a frame out to the trash...I almost hyperventilated right there...what? a little dollar store frame?  "Oh no, a big frame that I pulled out of someone else trash, but I have been moving it around in my garage for a year and decided I would never do anything with it so I threw it out."

Just imagine a look of disbelief on the face of this junker...but worse than that, she is a great junker herself...so, what was she thinking?

She must have been just having a moment or something, I still do not know, but she quickly unzipped her little walking pouch, pulled out the ole phone and told her great husband to run to the street and get that frame before some other junker happened by...

At this point we did go ahead and have a talk about stuff and what is important and what is not and to always, not sometimes, but always call me first before ANYTHING went out with the trash.

So, here is my little trash treasure that I made with that frame...It had a frame inside the frame thingy that was broken so I just tapped that out with a hammer, slapped on a little paint, painted a board with chalkboard paint and hung that baby on the wall...

I got on Pinterest to look up some good sayings and came up with this for now.

I saw a great saying for Christmas time...

"If you stop believing in Santa, you get underwear"

Love it!!

Great day to you!



  1. What was I thinking??? I think I was thinking I was to lazy to do anything with it... I think it looks like it found a good home... Now if we can just find a better home for "Happy" all will be right in the world..LOL

  2. Ha, you bet!!! Happy needs to just go home with you!!!