Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farmhouse Chic

 This "hoof box" (that is what the guy called it) was another find at Winnie Trade Days. It is heavy and was full of something :(  that was quite thick on the bottom...hmmm. Anywho...I washed it down in the backyard, scraped it with whatever I could find to scrape it with  and let it dry outside for a couple of days.

I have used it on my dining room table. I saw some coffee filter flowers in an antique shop in Nacogdoches and took a somewhat blurry picture of it with my phone and tried to recreate them here. They are pretty cute...a little time consuming considering you had to tea stain the filters and let them dry then figure out how to assemble them, but pretty cute. I added a platter I had in my buffet, some candles, a tea towel, and  ivory handled silverware in spooner. I like the look...I also made the burlap and drop cloth runner...I am loving the drop cloth I will show you my chairs with slips on the backs...
Have a great day!

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