Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slipcover vs Upholstery

Some times people will ask me....would you reupholster this or just slipcover?
Here is a great example for both cases....
I have shared this chair already, and I looovve it.
Ms Linda has this chair in a guest bedroom. It belonged to her MIL and her husband did not want to alter it. The upholstery is in perfect condition but it did not match when she redecorated the bedroom.
She wanted to go with burlap and linen and something that could easily be taken off.
She gave me a little direction but mostly said, "just go with it, I trust you".
You gotta love that :) it is in her lovely vintage guest bedroom.
Just perfect!

Then, Ms Kathye's rocker. I had it almost stripped down before I remembered to get a before pic. It had an extremely dated green nubby fabric on it and needed a good outdated, dirty fabric with a frame that needs a little updating....we went with upholstering...

She gave me the fabric, asked me to paint the chair frame and once again said, "whatever you think will look best"

I decided on black mostly because of her wonderful fabric.

It turned out so cute and Kathye loved it. This cutie sits in her "Paris Room" which is just adorable.
Happy Easter!
So thankful for my Risen Saviour!!!
today and everyday!

Monday, March 11, 2013


When it comes to decorating, sewing, general crafting I tend to be a little ADHD....I hate waiting on paint to dry, not having all the supplies for the sewing job, finding the right glue for the crafting project....makes me run from one thing to the next... 
so as blog post go...this will show that side of me
Number 1...
My friend, and fellow craft supplies hoarder, had a bin of fabric and some ideas for pillows. She had this needlepoint for years and was never quite sure what to do with it. She saw some cool pillows in an antique store and thought, hmmm.
I started by "blocking" the needlepoint to get it square.
Then starting playing with the fabrics..I should have taken a pic of the back, it is an embossed leather....soooo cool!

I had previously made some small pillows for some of Traci's chairs, so she thought one more would be great...I have always thought leopard was a neutral...

She has some floor pillow that the fabric was just plain worn out so we covered those in the neutral leopard...

Number 2...
I also had a job for some bedroom curtains....This client had finally decided to start doing her bedroom after about 8 kind of girl....decorating takes can't rush these things...
anyway, she bought the headboard, which is covered in a fabulous linen and tufted, just awesome, and then brought me some samples. She has a pretty contemporary home but she was a little afraid of this very bold, graphic fabric that had a black background. I told her that I thought she would love how it pops with the color.
 We decided to make the panels with grommets and some working roman shades.

Let me just tell you....working roman shades, inside mount are not my favorite window treatment to make. You work with about 1/8 of an inch margin...that stresses me out.
These turned out nice...they are silk and are lined and interlined. I found a wonderful mechanism to raise and lower them...they did turn out nice....
Number 3...

Then, I worked on a little something for me
insert smiley face :))))

Pictures of this coming soon