Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gorgeous Belle Notte plus Bedroom

I posted about Miss Linda's home that I had done some sewing in over the past few years.
Here is the guest bedroom that I just loooove!
 She started with ordering her Bella Notte bedding for the bed. If you are not familiar with Bella Notte...let me tell is the softest, most comfortable, luxurious linen bedding you will ever find.
She received her samples that the bedding was being made out of and set out to find some coordinating fabric for the drapery treatments for behind the bed and the french doors...
She found a beautiful floral print, sheer and silk for the swag...When she got everything home she decided the silk would be a little too formal for her look...she ordered some more Bella Notte linen.
She found pictures of what she wanted everything to look like and handed it over to me.

The window behind the bed is only about 35 inches wide. We went ahead and extended the window treatment out to the corners of the bed to make everything look larger.
The sheers on the doors have ties at the top.  
We made a cord cover out of leftover linen to cover the cord of the swing arm lamp.
The colors in this room are much more gorgeous than these pictures show. The blue linen is a pale aqua and just the most gorgeous color.
The little table in the corner now sports a little aqua blue linen scarf with a ruffled edge...can't find the pic right now.
As I said before...Linda's home is just a relaxing, gorgeous home...wish all of you could take a tour!!!


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