Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The After Christmas Project

I took an upholstery class this summer from Jennifer at Metamorphose.
When we got the chair stripped down we fell in love with the wood frame and started thinking...
hmmm....there is a particular catalog that has this wonderful deconstructed look that is so cool...should we try that???
We quickly got online to see if this was something we thought we could do with this chair....we decided...YES!
Here is the finished chair....
I just love it!
so...fast forward a couple of months
my mom, who thinks that I can do anything and everything....
wants her couch reupholstered.
It was time, the upholstery was worn out and dated, but geez, a COUCH!
That is much different from a chair!!!

So, Christmas Day...we loaded this baby in the back of the truck and headed home...
and placed her in my foyer (the whole house is my workshop :) )
I stripped her down.... 

And, she is finished....

I will post some REAL pics when she is back in her place of honor in mom's family room, but here is a sneak peak.
I cannot say it was easy peasy, but it was certainly a learning experience.
Not sure if I am ready to tackle a couch again anytime soon, although, I have in my stash 3 couch frames..go figure...
someday, I will get brave and show you my stash...good heavens, it is taking over our home!!!!