Monday, September 2, 2013

sometimes....things just happen

and we do not know why....they just happen...
i am pressing forward anyway
hoping to get things finished
for Round Top Antiques Week
I am super excited, nervous and exhausted already
but pressing forward

and then

i have great respect for power tools
i know they are bigger and stronger than me
i am VERY careful and mindful when i use them

the table saw won this one
but i am not defeated
just set back a little

i am instructed to....
 take a break from my job
no cleaning teeth for a week....
to take my pain meds and antibiotics...
and to see a hand specialist....

because i am a rule follower
i will do all of the above
i will press forward


i am thankful for 18 year old sons
that bust into gear and hold their mom's other hand
even though she is squeezing it beyond anything he has felt before
and never leaving a treatment room 
even though he felt a little nauseous and light headed
and calling his dad with a calm voice
even though he knew his dad would freak out a little
yes i am so thankful for my son
who kept me calm even though i knew he wasn't on the inside

this saga

to be continued.....