Monday, April 7, 2014

Set up day, seems like 3 days instead of 1....

We get one day to move in and get the booth customer ready....we started early, 7am and left the booth at 11pm that night....thank goodness for a small booth!!!

After Troy and I moved in all the furniture the job of making my little space look appealing was all mine.
I have to give tons of credit though...
I could not do any of this, and this is what I love, without his help and support. 
He helps with all those things that are too high and too heavy for the fluffing part....

The blue doll house was so precious but just needed some work to make it beautiful...a grandma bought it for her granddaughters and was thrilled to have it....I love things like that!!!

The buffet in the bottom corner of this photo was bought by an extremely excited gal. I had to laugh when she told me she wanted it. She said her husband was so happy that she finally made a decision and she would stop texting him pictures!!!!

A young couple came and found me to ask about this arched candelabra....I talked with them a little bit then asked if they had a business or something that they were going to use the candelabra in...
they said no, they were getting married in a few months and were doing all the wedding preparations by themselves and this would be perfect for them to stand in front of when they said their vows!!!!!

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