Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have wanted a vintage scale for a while now...I have seen them all over blog land and loved the way they were incorporated in everyone's home decor. Miss Mustard Seed has a great scale in her kitchen. You can see it in the corner of one of her pictures here...

So, the hunt has been on...being the frugal type buyer that I am...I wanted one for a song, of course.

I saw a couple in an antique mall while shopping with a friend and said "Are you kidding me? I'm not paying that." 
Then I went with the same friend on a VERY quick trip to Round Top Antiques Week. Saw some there and all I could do is gasp in disbelief at the price, then kick myself for not buying one of the great ones I saw at the antique mall.

Then, Vintage Harley Chick said, "Hey I bought a scale off of ebay" What??? It was on then...Me and her...two peas in a pod...we like the same things and hoard crafting supplies...but that is another post...
So, here is my ebay find...and I love it...I had the perfect spot for it as soon as it came out of the box.  
So many other things on my list of 'treasures I want to hunt down', but for now...
I am totally enjoying this little treasure.


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  1. I too am looking for this old weighing scale. I know for sure somehow someday I could find it ^_^

    Blue Dishes

  2. Mandy I have been wanting one as well but geez they are pricey! Love yours!! Come on out and say hi this weekend! Marci worked so hard on getting the place decorated bless her heart! I am sure it was bittersweet.

  3. Silly me! Thanx for coming over to the party lady!!!

  4. Mandy, That scale is wonderful. Just the right amount of old, but still can see everything. Congrats on finding one.