Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I just love the Christmas season...For the past 13 or so years my family has come to my house for Christmas...No real reason other than my sister and I would watch our mom work herself to exhaustion to host us and all the grand kids. One year we told her we were moving Christmas to my house and we would let her know if we needed anything...and that is how it remains.

Here is the Christmas table this year. My dining room opens into my foyer so the boys bring in a table from the back porch and we just scoot everything toward the foyer. It is a little crowded but cozy...and it works...

Most everything on the table I had on hand. It did go buy Epsom salt for the mason jars to put my candles in and the 3 glitter trees. These added a nice touch . I do not have napkin rings...I would love to have a collection of antique silver ones...that will have to be another collection to start!!! I made these little cards to go around the napkins. I had the stamp and the Christmas scrapbook paper already, oh and the tulle ribbon... the stamp says:

May the Love
that was born
that Christmas Night
Light all your days
with Joy and Hope

I used red embossing powder for the stamp. They turned out really cute. Now the family will have to see them for the next 10 years or so :)

And this is my sweet Mom. My sister and I were 'makin it happen' in the kitchen and this is where we found her. I once asked her if she was upset that we made her come to my house now for Christmas instead of having it at her house. She told us that that decision was the best Christmas present ever!!! We can see why!!! 
Today was a day to totally relax...I was lost on Pinterest for about 3 hours this morning!!! So much fun!!!


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