Sunday, December 11, 2011

Your a mean one, Mr. Grinch

You know...there are some things that just happen that try to steal your Christmas Joy....

 After having the tree up and the house decorated for about a day...we woke up to this...I know lights on a tree are minor, but, ooohhhh....
so, after fiddling with the light bulbs and seeing nothing happen I threw my hands in the air and said

Enter the ever patient manly man husband of mine and within, oh, just a few seconds he says,
"Do you have one of these?"

The angels sang and Christmas joy was restored!!!
There is a ton to be said about patient, handy man husbands!!!
Here are a few of my favorite tree decorations...

On another note...

I made this recipe that Pinterest offered up and it was
Lasagna Soup

You can find the recipe for it here.
That dollop on top is Ricotta and Parmesan mixed together, then sprinkled with some melts into the soup and makes it oh so creamy and deee-lish!!! Great for these cool nights we've been having in southeast Texas!!




  1. What a glorious, beautiful tree!

    Thank you so much for your recent visit and sweet comment, it truly meant the world to me, my friend.


  2. Glad to see your decor! Always beautiful!

  3. That would have teed me off too! Glad it got died! Hope your New Year is going well!