Sunday, July 22, 2012

High Maintenance

A week ago I started my upholstery class!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!! I have wanted to learn this craft for quite some time now. Jennifer at Metamorphose Upholstery and Furniture had endured months of me asking, "So when are you going to teach an upholstery class?" This was always asked while I was standing in her shop, stopping her from what she was doing. Every once in a while she would pick up the stapler and quickly fold the fabric over into the perfect corner and staple it in place. How does she do that sooo effortlessly???

So, I dug around in my stash of furniture and, apparently, brought quite the difficult chair to the class...high maintenance...uh huh...

After at least 8 hours of stripping...not me, the chair, but I felt like it with the sweat running down my back...(side note: Jennifer's husband showed up and said, "I heard there were some strippers here and thought I would stop by" hehehe)

Anywho...The pic above is where I ended up after 8 hours on the first day. Jennifer took 1 look at the chair and thought...Restoration Hardware Deconstructed Look...hmmmm, ok.

Day 2...I was taught how to re-strap the bottom.

...replace and tie the springs. I asked Jennifer if she was punishing me for bringing such a difficult chair because after each string I would think I was done and she would no, now tie diagonally...omygosh! Seriously!? She taught me the 8 tie method which is the most sturdy...ok, yeah..

We then replaced the burlap, foam, cotton batting, dacron and muslin.

Finally! We can start the finishing details...only after 17 hours of hellasish hellasish a word? You get the drift though, right?
 Burlap on the arm so that you will be able to see it from the outside...I am so excited to be learning this style of upholstery!!!

At the end of 2 days (2 looooong days) here is where we ended up. I am loving the details so far. The nail heads add so much cuteness to the chair.
Being the 'high maintenance' student that I am, I will be having my third and final class this week. Can't wait to show you how the chair turns out!!!

Thanks Jennifer!!! You have been a fabulous teacher!!!

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  1. I thought you have gave up on the blog world!!! Glad to see you up and running again... I see a lot of upholstery in your future!!!!

  2. it is looking good! i just got my first chair to reupholster and i am nervous!!!

    1. is a will love it!!!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished chair. I've always been afraid to try upholstery but it looks like you're getting the hang of it!

    1. Thanks Jennifer!!! It is much more time consuming than I thought! I can see now why it cost what it does to have something upholstered!

  4. Mandy how much fun!! Can't wit to see it completed!

  5. Your chair is fabulous!!!!!