Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabulous Antique Mirror

Last weekend I picked up my mom and drove to Beaumont where my sister's family lives to celebrate my moms birthday. My niece just moved into her apartment this summer and I was gifted with the job of helping decorate it. Sarah already had the basics of furniture and had been collecting decor items for a year. I picked up a small chandelier from The Old Oak Cottage and we were going to hang it beside her bed....

All of that to show you my treasure....
While we were there I had asked for a trip to Urban Habitat, an awesome antique/home decor/just all around fabulous store in downtown Beaumont.
I went back to this mirror 3 times...
which told me..."hey silly, just buy it, you love it!"

You know, you've been there right?

Anyway...I have often been right at the point of ripping this builder's grade mirror off the wall of my half bath because...well, it's builder's mirror and not Mandy's mirror...but, I knew that before I could do anything pretty I would have to fix the wall...and, well...I just did not want to.

When I saw this mirror I thought, "Of course, a mirror over a mirror, YES!!!"

It is the absolute perfect size and I LOVE IT!!!!

The frame is perfectly chipped and imperfect and it has this fabulous etching at the top.

Put a long screw in the wall, wrapped some burlap ribbon around the picture wire and slid an antique glass doorknob over the screw and stood back and said,


I just love it when you do something simple and the sky's are blue and the birds are singing....


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