Friday, September 12, 2014


6 months? almost...really? good grief!!! completely MIA wouldn't you say!!! well, here I am on the ole blog...hopefully, I can make this update as short and and to the point as possible  :)

we returned from Round Top Antiques Week this Spring and I hit the ground running. I had some custom jobs waiting for me and one delivery time was bumped up immediately....

of course these window treatments are so much more beautiful in person....didn't have my Nikon with me...cell phone pics..

this little beauty was next in line

a beautiful antique had a pretty short back, we rebuilt the back to make it taller and reupholstered it in this fabulous green velvet with large nail heads....isn't she gorgeous???

next...these fabulous silk drapes added to the sides of these french doors...

then...this awesome little antique, funky needed a little love and some pizzazz...well, she is sure strutting her stuff now...

so...I haven't been a total slacker, except on the blog!!! As soon as this was finished I got busy getting ready for Round Top that is !OMG! 2 WEEKS AWAY!!! More on the goodies about to get hauled up to LaBahia coming soon!!! 


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