Saturday, October 11, 2014

We're back...Whew!!!!

We have been back from Round Top Antiques Week at LaBahia for almost a week now. Everything has been unloaded, cleaned, wiped down, repaired (if needed) Eeks! and new projects started. We had a fabulous time, as usual, but are glad to be back in our own bed. I love camping, but camper mattresses, well, lets just say, are not tempurpedic !!! This is how we roll.....None of this is possible without the muscle you see in the picture...not sure why he works so hard to make this happen but I am so happy he does!!! 

And where we start...Troy and our son Corey drove up a day early and put down the floor in the cow pasture. The ground is quite uneven and this sure helps furniture to sit know what I mean with that word!!!

And here we are at the end of day one....

And here are just a few pics of the booth as the week went on....

Coming soon....just some fun happenings during the week....


  1. Everything looked so wonderful! I enjoyed seeing your pics on FB about the week.

  2. Thanks so much Pamela!!! One day I hope you can make the trip. As I said would love it!!!