Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Sweet Find

I was out and about last week and decided to stop by Goodwill. I never find an abundance of treasures there but the occasional frame and lamp shade. But this time I came across this and I just loved it...

 It looks like a giant Mint Julep cup. I am sure it is silver plate...but it is heavy and in pretty good shape.
 I  bought some hydrangeas (my absolute most favorite flower right behind a pink rose) at the grocery store and put it on my kitchen counter...just love it.
I found the tray back in the summer at Winnie Trade Days...It was a whopping $2...the base was brassy, scratched and dinged what a little ASCP and wax will do!!! I am thinking these treasures just found a new home on my kitchen counter...

Having a great weekend!!


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