Sunday, October 13, 2013

Round beyond the booth

We had some great times with friends during our time at LaBahia...
Some friends of ours have retired
and are quite young as retired ages go
we are so jealous...
they invited us to their new farm in the Round Top area for dinner and a visit
 the drive was beautiful...
(excuse the wind shield shot from the camera and the bird poop, geez)

This is their driveway...oh how lovely is this???

and this is their new puppy, Sadie, who greeted us with great zeal

this is Randy's was fabulous....he builds cars from the ground up
he is so meticulous to detail....Troy was in awe as he has been with all of Randy's cars

and this is the view from the barn

we had such a great time sitting under the trees enjoying this great view
oh..and dinner was delicious!!!

Thursday night is the oh so popular Junk Gypsy Prom....
yes...I like to dress up :)

This is just one of so many extremely creative hats and outfits that can be seen 
(the balloon is not part of her hat, that would have totally ruined for me, that is her table marker for her food)
ok moving on..

I took a blurry photo of Gypsy daddy...I love the way this family works together...they are so cute

John Evans and the band are always VERY entertaining

Gypsy Momma socializing in the Junk Gypsy tent

glitter and shot gun cute!...

oh, and remember my friend Rachel...
we both like powdered sugar donuts...
yeah, she was there, relaxed comfortably on the arm of a vintage couch
just cool

ok...I told Troy
I think I NEED one of these!!! 
love this !!!

and a trip to Warrenton for the Junk Gypsy Prom is not complete without a 
Funky Chunky Chicken salad sandwich from Royers Cafe

We have been back a week now...trying to get life back in order around here... we both have been back to work and all the craziness that brings...
our neighborhood had a community garage sale on Saturday and
we found treasures!!! 
More on that later!



  1. I thought about you there all week! I wanted to go see you so bad :) Next time! Your booth looked great!

  2. Yea!!! I just figured out who abnormalnormal is! I miss you so much!!! Thanks for the was a blast!!! Look forward to seeing you in the Spring :)))